[ Paint the sky with stars ] (chained_doll) wrote,
[ Paint the sky with stars ]

* 3 Doors Down ~ These Days *

last place in both discipline, missed three shots in each duel, which is a shitload, even for my standards.
as for the precision, i had one in the white with the pistol, and none with the revolver, pistol outcome was 299^^;;;
that for the revolver still had to be counted out, i'll know more next week, but i guess it's not going to be much better (if at all).
i'm actually quite pleased with all this, as i know that my usual statistics are a lot better, but i also know that i was nervous as hell this morning.
also, i'd only slept about 2 1/2 hours last night and guess what?
our weather forecast was wrong, it was -16°c at the shooting ground, my lungs were acting up all the time and my thumb was hurting as well.
so, i'm quite proud of myself as far as that goes.
now if i could stop panicking as soon as i even try to start on a technical drawing, i'd be fine.
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