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ugh. started at eight sharp, was doing deliveries in the city from 3:52 until 5:12 (yes, my car is awesome), got home and continued working and finished around half past seven.
the market on sunday was nice enough, only felt like running away a couple of times and made some pendants i actually like to boot.
best thing were the children though, had a couple of them who were really interested in which tool is used for what (though they were a little clingy at times^^; ).

now for the things that make my days beside finnbaby, goddess of all there is and the biting critter that's taken up housing on my backporch.
just feel like putting this here and sharing it, i love me some nice statistics after all, so what better than the current league standings for batters in the central league?
note the fact that those first three all belong to the kyojin? i kind of expect chono to fall below third place again, but considering the fact that the guy had an all-season low of a .262 average only a couple of weeks back i'm more than pleased with what he's shown us in the last few games. and seriously, not only getting taking most strike-outs, but also getting the most walks? almost makes you believe that his fluttery nerves are somehow infecting the pitchers he's up against.

9月11日 現在
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