[ Paint the sky with stars ] (chained_doll) wrote,
[ Paint the sky with stars ]

took sheela to the vet today, he couldn't find anything wrong with her, so we don't really know why she's losing weight. she got some injections and he said we'd see if they work in two days.

in different matter, i came home in the bottom of the sixth, to find the game 3-0, that was before chono hit, matsumoto and sakamoto got walked and abe hit the ball to hit the fence and rebound on the warning track.
more than enough time for three of our fastest runners to get home.
and what does chono do when he gets to bat the next time? exactly what i've been waiting for for the last month and two days.
it's not a question of if he hits a homerun, just as the guy in tokyo dome explained it to me, with chono, it's the question of when he gets his act together enough to hit it.
and just as i wrote this, suzuki bat in matsumoto, making it 8-0, bowker following to bat sakamoto in, 9-0.ö
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