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frohe feiertage ^.~ [24 Dec 2013|11:26pm]
you wouldn't believe the size of bags a 5.1kg cat can fit itself into...

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[13 Sep 2012|11:24am]
anhänger. 50/90 minuten sägearbeit.
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[11 Sep 2012|10:21pm]
ugh. started at eight sharp, was doing deliveries in the city from 3:52 until 5:12 (yes, my car is awesome), got home and continued working and finished around half past seven.
the market on sunday was nice enough, only felt like running away a couple of times and made some pendants i actually like to boot.
best thing were the children though, had a couple of them who were really interested in which tool is used for what (though they were a little clingy at times^^; ).

now for the things that make my days beside finnbaby, goddess of all there is and the biting critter that's taken up housing on my backporch.
just feel like putting this here and sharing it, i love me some nice statistics after all, so what better than the current league standings for batters in the central league?
note the fact that those first three all belong to the kyojin? i kind of expect chono to fall below third place again, but considering the fact that the guy had an all-season low of a .262 average only a couple of weeks back i'm more than pleased with what he's shown us in the last few games. and seriously, not only getting taking most strike-outs, but also getting the most walks? almost makes you believe that his fluttery nerves are somehow infecting the pitchers he's up against.

9月11日 現在
順位選手名所属打率試合数打席打数得点安打二塁打三塁打本塁打 打点 長打率三振四球死球犠打犠飛盗塁 出塁率
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langeweile im voraus... [04 Sep 2012|12:29pm]
falls irgendwer dieses wochenende noch nichts vorhat, wir haben handwerkermarkt im dorf.
heißt, man könnte mich dabei beobachten wie ich lesezeichen aussäge und ähnlich aufregende prozeduren aus unserem handwerk einem publikum näherzubringen versuche das sich nach unseren erfahrungen nicht wirklich dafür interessiert.
und jede menge gutes essen wird es geben.
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[14 Aug 2012|02:10pm]
took sheela to the vet today, he couldn't find anything wrong with her, so we don't really know why she's losing weight. she got some injections and he said we'd see if they work in two days.

in different matter, i came home in the bottom of the sixth, to find the game 3-0, that was before chono hit, matsumoto and sakamoto got walked and abe hit the ball to hit the fence and rebound on the warning track.
more than enough time for three of our fastest runners to get home.
and what does chono do when he gets to bat the next time? exactly what i've been waiting for for the last month and two days.
it's not a question of if he hits a homerun, just as the guy in tokyo dome explained it to me, with chono, it's the question of when he gets his act together enough to hit it.
and just as i wrote this, suzuki bat in matsumoto, making it 8-0, bowker following to bat sakamoto in, 9-0.ö
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back home [25 Jun 2012|08:39pm]
arrived home safely, had cake and coffee with the family and am tired as hell, but very happy, especially about seeing finnbaby again^^
lots of unpacking and sorting to do, maybe i'll get online tomorrow^^
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Konzert? [19 Apr 2012|04:25pm]
irgendwer hier der eventuell lust auf ein fun. konzert in london am 9.juli hätte?
da findet es statt, hin- und rückflug kommen auf knapp €70, eintritt 11 pfund.
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[03 Dec 2011|07:08pm]
[ mood | amused ]

i just remembered that i actually woke up from the earthquake this morning, only at first i thought it was the rats outside in the hallway.
at least i think it was a rat, i only saw it for a moment while it was running away, might have been one hell of a big mouse as well though.
one week and we'll be out of here!

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Writer's Block: It’s the end of the world [26 Nov 2011|09:42pm]
i'd probably freak about about not being able to go home before the end of the world, then get pissed about not having been able to do all the stuff that's still on my list.
in the end, i like to think that i'd tell myself that there was no point in making a fuss, grab a beer and play some games or watch a movie.
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[10 Nov 2011|11:41am]
massive migraine last night and didn't get nearly enough sleep.
it's 17°C in my room and if it wasn't for the mold, i might actually start feeling at home here.
i even like the room as it is, dirty neighbour, damp carpet and all, and don't even get me started on how great this house could look if you just invested a little time and money, it's a shame.
back to my coffee now^^
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still alive [30 Aug 2011|05:00pm]
arrived safely and am residing in the wrong house with the others and internet accessibility is severely restricted, so there's hardly any way i'll be able to write in the near future.
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spammety spam spam [12 Apr 2011|03:59pm]
I found it! I found it! I found it! I found it! I found it! I found it! I found it! I found it! I found it! I found it!
I found the "audio book" Liz and I made of one of our crappy Star Wars fan-stories!
And I'm proud to admit that it's even worse than I remembered it.
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[12 Apr 2011|02:02pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

just got off the phone from an actually very nice conversation with my brother who's on his way to a job fair just now.
i am amazed and hope things stay like this.

and totally addicted to Generation Terrorists.
first "blindkauf" of the year and one album that i'd buy over and over again,

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hehe [15 Mar 2010|06:59pm]
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Guild Wars [20 Jan 2010|05:49pm]
neue sachen fangen ab datei waldi_tier an.


[edit] hab noch 11 rott-orrembleme die man diese woche beim sammler im hauptspiel tauschen kann, irgendwer interesse?
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* REM ~ Bad Day * [29 Jun 2009|11:16am]
25 stones set in ten minutes, I used to be better at this... but then again, the cast used to be better too.
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[01 Feb 2009|03:20am]
€130 for a pair of rubber boots from otto... i knew that prices were being blown just a little bit out of perspective, but... whoa.
this almost beats people complaining about the price for milk when they have their shopping cart filled with overpriced granola and sweets (made of sugar and shit and some artificial flavour or the other).
but only almost.
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* 3 Doors Down ~ These Days * [10 Jan 2009|10:03pm]
last place in both discipline, missed three shots in each duel, which is a shitload, even for my standards.
as for the precision, i had one in the white with the pistol, and none with the revolver, pistol outcome was 299^^;;;
that for the revolver still had to be counted out, i'll know more next week, but i guess it's not going to be much better (if at all).
i'm actually quite pleased with all this, as i know that my usual statistics are a lot better, but i also know that i was nervous as hell this morning.
also, i'd only slept about 2 1/2 hours last night and guess what?
our weather forecast was wrong, it was -16°c at the shooting ground, my lungs were acting up all the time and my thumb was hurting as well.
so, i'm quite proud of myself as far as that goes.
now if i could stop panicking as soon as i even try to start on a technical drawing, i'd be fine.
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* Cyborg 009 ~Genesis Of Next * [19 Oct 2008|01:58pm]
just finished piling up a stillage of briquettes and am feeling delightfully tired now. not in the sense of wanting/needing to sleep, but similar to running at 12km/h on the treadmill for a while.
being content.
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* Letzte Instanz ~ Wir Sind Allein * [16 Oct 2008|02:21am]
just returned home from watching a really nice movie and am currently trying to think up a plan to get the cat out of my lap so i can go to bed without having her mad at me for a day again. that's usually pretty painful.
maybe i should just try to get up with her and put her in her bed by the heater.
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